Re: fast user switching

El lun, 01-12-2003 a las 17:56, Xavier Bestel escribió:
> Le lun 01/12/2003 à 17:20, Shahms King a écrit :
> > In order to make user switching work with those we need
> > more complicated methods anyway (need to be able to disconnect from one
> > X-server and reconnect to another, aka "migration" which supposedly
> > works with Gtk+ apps, although I've never seen a demo nor a description
> > of how to do it . . .)
> For a nice example, just run gtk-demo and have a second DISPLAY
> accessible somewhere (even on a remote computer). Then select "Change
> Display".

The problem with that feature is that all X application should support
it, we cannot assume that all applications are using GTK 2


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