Re: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

Murray Cumming Comneon com writes:

> Doesn't this mean that all unknown files, which happen to be formatted as
> XML, will have a primary application of gedit or similar, without the user
> being aware that that is probably inappropriate. If it was a binary format
> then the user would quickly see that he didn't have the necessary
> application installed .
> In general, I think that XML-formatted files should be opened with a
> suitable application, and not edited directly unless the user requests that
> explicitly. And if there's no suitable application already associated then
> the user should be told that.

Presumably valid xml files will appear as text/xml, and not as
text/plain.  If we know something about how to open it, we will.  It's
only files which cannot be identified at all that fall back to
text/plain in the case that the first 256 bytes are valid UTF-8.


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