Re: 'Switch User' action

> > So, what do people think?
> 	I guess the things you need to look at when deciding whether or not
> something should go into the Actions menu are[1]:
>   + Is it something that a large proportion of the user base will do
>     pretty regularly?
>       In this case, I think not - surely, most users will only ever use
>       one account? And even if we thought a lot of users use more than
>       one account, surely switching between accounts wouldn't be that
>       common ?

I disagree.  In XP, I've found that since it's really easy to create 
accounts at the begining of install that people tend to use them.  On my 
XP box at home we have two accounts one for me and one for my wife.  The 
advantage is that I can make changes to my account that won't affect hers.  
Thats pretty compelling since most people don't like to see their 
environment change underneath them.  Once a person understands the 
advantages I think it will be used often.  

So yes, most people would use a single account now but I don't think so in 
the future.


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