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El vie, 05-12-2003 a las 19:27, Calum Benson escribió:
> On Fri, 2003-12-05 at 18:15, Mark McLoughlin wrote:
> > 	The idea behind the feature is that you *don't* log out ... yet you'd
> > have to click on "Logout" ?
> That's how it works on XP.  I make no further comment :)
> To re-iterate Mark's point... what's the actual requirement/typical
> usage scenario for this feature?  Or are we just considering it "because
> we can"?

My typical scenario for this feature is:

I'm using my computer all day. As soon as I wake up, I turn it on until
I go to sleep, so I never close my session but I'm not always using it
and my sister also needs it so If I'm running something I cannot stop
and I'm not in my house, my sister cannot use the computer (because I
lock the screen to prevent someone breaks my session).

With the switch user feature, my sister could just click a button on the
screensaver's pass dialog and use the computer without problems.

We don't have the screensaver integration thus the other option I have
is let anyone use my session and my sister could just select the Switch
user from the Action menu and she knows that she will not have troubles
with me because she close any important application from my session.

There are lots of possible scenarios, but the family one is the best one
I can give you because it's what happens in my own house.

> Cheeri,
> Calum.
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