RE: proposal for MIME behavior in GNOME

That's ok. I've done my homework and downloaded the archives for the
last months. Nobody expressed a point of view on those issues. I've just
signed up, you've been quite active and I bet you know the "theme here"
I'll have to sign-out because of 14.4k modem and heavy traffic.

On Sat, 2003-12-06 at 21:45, Murray Cumming Comneon com wrote:
> > From: Lucian Gabor [mailto:luciangabor yahoo co uk] 
> > Thank you.
> > I must say that I will be a little frustrated with 
> > gnome/nautilus 2.6. I relied a lot on this features and I'll 
> > have to adapt to the new thing.
> Don't get the idea that I make any decisions here, or do any nautilus
> coding, or even know what I'm talking about. I'm just giving my opinion.
> > I have only more frustrating 
> > alternatives. Anyway, leaving apart my frustration, I have 
> > one more confusion. I've picked up from a thread that 
> > nautilus (maybe only the spatial view) won't have a side bar. 
> > Is that true? I couldn't find other references.
> Murray Cumming
> murrayc usa net

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