Re: lockdown status

On Wed, 2003-11-19 at 05:56, Matt Keenan wrote:
> I've been working on a Panel patch that will provide some lockdown
> featurues...
> I am now in the process of merging what I have done with what George
> did on the Panel, once I have this done I will be working with
> Mark to get this into HEAD.

Hi Matt.  I'm working on lockdown for epiphany and realized we should
talk about the keys that we share.  If there are keys in common, it
would make sense to have them as gnome global keys and have the schemas
for them be in libgnome.  We should get these in as soon as possible.

The keys I've thought of that should perhaps be global:

disable_save_to_disk: No saving to disk
disable_execute_arbitrary_binary: Can't edit launchers and the like
disable_print_setup: Print button just prints
disable_printing: No printing

I can write this up and submit it as a patch to libgnome.  What's your


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