Re: tips on email from ibm?

On Tue, 2003-12-09 at 14:54, Alan wrote:
> I'm guessing that most people in here read /. occasionally, and probably
> have seen the pointer[1] to the reinventing email[2] page from ibm.  
> Assuming these ideas aren't patented up the kazoo, what are the chances
> of some of the gnome apps such as evolution or sylpheed adding in some
> of the features that are noted.  Some are pretty simple ideas (ie:
> pop up a one line summary of all messages in a thread on mouseover) but
> I can see how they could really make a difference.  They have done a lot
> of reasearch on this it seems as well.
> Thoughts?

A lot of the stuff like threads and IM integration are in or going into
evolution from what I can see.  One realy nice feature I liked that
would be nice in Evolution was the clean layout of the message list. 
All of then came under a prominate date header with the ability to
annotate.  In a gnome context it might be nice to be able to tag a
message with icon themed emblems like you can do to files in Nautilus. 
Another thing that would be nice is an icon or some sort of notification
that a message is comming from somone in your address book (right now
you can do this by setting up filters and adding e-mail addresses to the
filter though it rarely works consistently).  The other thing I realy
liked was the ability to add a message to your calendar. I gathered that
IBM's mailer was setup to parse dates directly from the e-mail but I
would be happy just being able to right mouse click and pop up a simple
date select dialog from the context menu.    

So there are some nice things IBM has cooked up that I think would go
good in Evolution.


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