Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

Bastien Nocera wrote:

<snip interesting points, but I'm going to cut that short>

I'm going to be blunt. The GtkHxPlayer isn't in GTK+. It won't be in
GTK+ (or GNOME or any higher level library) unless the license is
compatible with the LGPL. Until the licensing problem are fixed, this
kind of discussion is pointless.

The proposal is for GtkHXPlayer to become HXPlayer, and for GtkMediaPlayer to be created.

GtkMediaPlayer would be media framework agnostic, LGPL'd, and part of gtk. HXPlayer would be RPSL/RCSL'd, and derive from and implement GtkMediaPlayer.

Neither helix nor the HXPlayer widget would ship with gtk, but it would be clear from the GtkMediaPlayer documentation pages how one would go about getting it. (The same would be true for gstreamer and bacon).

(And I really wouldn't like to see *all* my applications linked to a
media framework (like you're proposing), or even to some OpenGL library
(like Qt/KDE does) that I'm not using).

Sorry, I'm not being clear.

All your applications would not be linked against any media framework, helix or otherwise.

They would be linked against the GtkMediaPlayer interface, but this does not imply linking in a media framework - the implementation of GtkMediaPlayer as seen in gtk would be empty.

GtkMediaPlayer functions would be overridden by hx_player_play() in the helix widget, which would provide all the actual playback functionality.

As an analogy, consider GtkMozBox from Mozilla. It derives from GtkWindow, but this does not mean that mozilla is linked into all gtk applications.

Ryan Gammon
rgammon real com
Developer for Helix Player

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