Re: GtkMediaPlayer widget

On Tuesday 16 Dec 2003 7:40 pm, Ryan Gammon wrote:
> Lee Braiden wrote:
> > To me, you either use an existing framework directly, including it's
> > enumerations etc, or you wrap it, and create a level of abstraction.
> You override the GtkMediaPlayer::Play function with your own
> implementation. Something like this:
> [snip]  media_player_class->play = hx_player_play; [snip]
> I believe GtkMediaPlayer would have a gtk_media_player_play that emits a
> play signal, and a gtk_media_player_real_play that provides a default
> implementation.

Yes, but that only tells me how the implementation is called.  What I want to 
know is how it could have an API (including objects,methods,enums, etc) that 
doesn't either use helix's API directly, or else abstract helix's API, and 
create redundancy?

> I can go into more details if you'd like. Helix would provide a library
> that contains an implementation of GtkMediaPlayer, and a set of
> supporting functions for advanced functionality.

Yes.  Amounting to another API.

> >All I can imagine is that this is some attempt to establish a Helix-based
> >player as a de-facto standard by putting it into GTK first.
> This is a sincere effort to make media widgets easier to use with gtk,
> and it would benefit both gstreamer and helix.

I appreciate that you're trying to develop apps, and I certainly don't want to 
think that helix would find it difficult to make their apps work with GTK.  I 
also agree that multimedia should be as easy to integrate into GNOME apps as 
text or images are.

Again, my only concern is the repetitive nature of helix's work, when 
gstreamer is already (for the purposes of this discussion) a part of GNOME.  
Is there some fundamental problem with gstreamer that prevents Real from 
using it?  Or is it just that you have another agenda, that doesn't lend 
itself to porting codecs to GNOME's gstreamer?

Perhaps it's easier to ask this way: what were Real's reasons for developing 
the realone player on windows, rather than just codecs for ms's player? Was 
it simply to allow branding and advertising in realone?


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