Fixed height GtkTreeViews

For those interested,

I just committed /the/ fixed height patch for GtkTreeView to GTK+ HEAD.
A fixed height GtkTreeView basically means that we only measure the
height of the first row and use this height for each row in the
GtkTreeView. The default GtkTreeView behavior is to measure the height
of each row (though it is done in an idle handler), for GtkTreeViews
displaying big datasets this takes a loooong time.

Fixed height mode is not enabled by default. The programmer will have to
enable it by doing the following two twings:

1. Make sure all columns have the sizing type
2. Set the property "fixed_height_mode" of the GtkTreeView to TRUE.

Our advise is to only enable this feature in case it could be useful.
For GtkTreeViews showing large datasets, where all rows basically have
the same height, it will be very very useful to enable. The speed
increase is significant. We are very afraid of people enabling this on
each and every GtkTreeView. This is not useful. Please do not do that.

We would like people for which this feature is going to be useful to
give it some testing.



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