Re: Template system

On Wednesday 17 Dec 2003 9:16 pm, Manuel Amador (Rudd-O) wrote:
> The templates folder (assuming we went with a folder based
> implementation) should have some magic, so that when a user opens it and
> double-clicks the file, it should ask:
> What do you want to do?
> (o) Change this template
> ( ) Create a new document

Don't really want to repeat myself, but I'd hate to see this be done in some 
weird way, when there are more generic ways, so...

This could be handled with a template mimetype -- 
x-application-mywordpro-template, or whatever, and an action for that 
mimetype that does 'instanciate' instead of the usual open.

Beyond that, such a system would let you 'instanciate' any word document to 
create another by using it as a template :)


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