Buildstatus CVS 29-12-2003

I found some modules which are not building correctly under GNOME head.
I make no difference between 5th toe or the Plattform. I only announce
the problems.

GGV build break because It's not finding the gtk_tree_model_get_iter.
Even after checking up all the DEPRECATED stuff and having them removed
after a fresh checkout still gives this problem. Other problem is the
libegg issue with Menu items that needs to get fixed.

GNOME-Applets build break a) it checks out normally from CVS, b) during
the phase it requires libgswitchit (
subdir) which should be inside the gnome-applets directory but actually
isn't. You need to manually checkout libgswitchit from the root of cvs
and move it inside that dir. c) linux-proc fails with some really
strange reports. I haven't checked whether this could be a deprecated
issue or not. I have Lunix 2.6.0 running here maybe it's related to

GNOME-themes-extras missing gaim_auth.svg and thus installation breaks.

procman fails with similar output as point c) under gnome-applets.

rhythmbox fails to compile against gstreamer head. Maybe it's because I
am using gstreamer head or maybe still using the sf branch rather the
freedesktop one but it's not commented either. Maybe I should fix it on
the 0.7 tag.

I hope I was helpful with this report if it's required I gonna file b.g.
o reports for it.


Ali Akcaagac

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