Re: PATCH keyword, again

On Mo, 2003-12-29 at 22:02 -0500, Luis Villa wrote:
> Last time I sent this email, there were 524 open PATCH bugs. There are
> now 725. :/
For translators it's currently a PITA. There are many simple ngettext
patches lurking around for weeks or even months (!) and I'm not willing
to commit any translations to modules that haven't applied the patches I
submitted until these are committed. That makes German Desktop
translation stuck at ~95%.
Remember, string adaption has to be done by dozens of people while a
simple patch can be committed by one maintainer. If a maintainer isn't
able to review patches in Bugzilla for the lack of time he should
probably resign or permit others to commit patches without approval.
Actually, this mockery notably reduces code quality and end user
experience. Some damn useful patches are in Bugzilla since 2.2 or even
2.0 days and nobody feels responsible. So average beginning hackers say
"I don't write patches for module x, they won't be reviewed anyway".
This mail is not meant to insult overloaded maintainers but to clarify
how sad the current situation is.


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