Re: Buildstatus CVS 29-12-2003


Am Mo, den 29.12.2003 schrieb Ali Akcaagac um 21:28:
> > libgswitchit is included as a virtual module in gnome-applets,
> > and in gnome-control-center. Do a fresh checkout.
> Indeed it does - my appologizes.

I'm having problems with gnome-applets from CVS as well.
First, it failed to build multiload-applet-2, because there's no
-lgtop-2.0 argument given to the compiler.
After having fixed that manually, it cannot include include
xklavier_config.h because it includes "libxklavier/xklavier_config.h"
with the inclusion path set to $PREFIX/libxklavier.
After having fixed that, it complains that there's no rule
to make target gswitchit.pc.

I tried fresh checkouts for several times (from, not, but it didn't help.

The cvsgnome script did compile fine up to that point.


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