Re: PATCH keyword, again

On Tuesday 30 Dec 2003 6:27 pm, Andrew Sobala wrote:
> Also, we don't worry about bugs so much when they have patches. If the
> patch is going stale or the bug particularly nasty we might moan

Wouldn't it make sense to give patches a higher priority?  I mean, if they 
alter the code to fix some problem, you have merging issues there, etc, too.  
People may continue developing against old code etc.  Does it make sense to 
continue working on new features, or even documentation with patches queued 
that could possibly change it all?  No more than it makes sense to leave 
problems unfixed, imho.

Maybe this just needs to be taken a little bit more seriously...  to me, it 
sounds analogous the typical problems of getting documentation done.

Disclaimer: I don't know what I'm talking about here... just asking :D


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