Re: make distcheck on modules

On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 05:59, Thomas Vander Stichele wrote:
> 3) files being left after make distcheck has run in the help
> directories:
> This is due to a bug in omf.make and xmldocs.make copied from
> scrollkeeper_examples 0.1.2
> I've attached a sample patch for sound-juicer which I commited today. 
> Basically, the files used DESTDIR to install properly, but didn't
> uninstall with DESTDIR.  Also, the .out didn't get cleaned.
> I'll get it fixed upstream in scrollkeeper_examples.  I noticed for
> example mails from Paolo on gedit for the same problem.
> Please try the attached patch and commit, and if you have problems let
> me know and I'll help out.

Thanks for pointing this out, Thomas. I'll fix both the scrollkeeper
examples module and the common omf.make fragment that many modules pull
in from gnome-common. I think some modules (and certainly a couple I use
elsewhere) work around this problem using the method recommended n the
automake info files (telling automake to ignore certain files during
distcleancheck), but just removing them is not too crazy either, in this


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