Enforcing use of NEWS

GNOME package maintainers often don't use NEWS, so the GNOME release 
announcements are vague. The release-team would like
people to use NEWS, and we might even modify widget.gnome.org's install-module 
script to read NEWS files automatically.

In the meantime, Daniel Elstner pointed out to me that automake (probably >= 1.6)
has a check-news feature. I suggest that people use it.

<danielk> murrayc: BTW regarding up-to-date NEWS files: recent automakes
have a check-news option that's triggered on make dist.  I'm using it in
<danielk> AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE([check-news]) is all you need to set it
<danielk> It just checks whether the current version number appears in
the first few lines of NEWS.


Murray Cumming
murray usa net

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