Re: developers, maintainers: Please add a startup notify line to your files!

> > > You don't need special libs, anything that links to GTK 2.2 and opens
> > > a window will work automatically - see the mail I posted a while back.
> > 
> > Sorry for not being clear, I meant "What do I have to do to make it do
> > something in my GNOME, as a user?"
> Oh, you just click a launcher or choose a menu item.  You need a
> bleeding edge CVS build though. (Well, from a couple weeks ago or so.)

Sorry to be a pain here, I just want to confirm I'm doing the right
thing before I start filing bugs (and what should I file them against?).

I just compiled a fresh GNOME from CVS, including GTK+, Metacity,
gnome-desktop, and gnome-panel. Before everything I compiled
"startup-notification-0.4" which I found at, and made
sure that Metacity and gnome-desktop were finding it. I'm launching apps
from gnome-utils that I've confirmed have the necessary .desktop voodoo.

So at this point I should be seeing hourglass cursors and dummy entries
in the window list when I launch things, and if I don't I should file a


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