Re: Some StickyNotes bugs/issues

Happy New Year everyone!

> *If you create a note and then go to delete it, it prompts you to
> confirm deletion. I don't think that confirmation should be necessary
> when the sticky note is empty.

Good point. I've added the fix.

> * The notes are not workspace aware - it would be much more useful if 
> notes stayed on the workspace they were created on.

Actually, this is a feature. :-) I thought it made sense to have the
sticky notes be "sticky" and so they appear on all workspaces. I guess
I'll make it configurable through GConf.

> Also is the code for this applet in cvs/bugzilla somewhere?

Not yet, at some point it will be added into gnome-applets, once the
maintainer approves it, probably after 2.2 is released.

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