Re: Sticky Notes (a question regarding when things should be applet or program launchers)

Sorry if this is a stupid question, but even though i rely like sticky
notes and do want it on my desktop I started thinking when i used the
notes just recently.
Exactly when is a program supposed to be an applet and when is it
supposed to be just a normal program launcher?

I do know that i cant see what the program rely does underneath. But,
all i see is that i start a program from the panel which creates a nice
"post-it" kind of looking window, in which i can write stuff that i need
to know but cant keep in my head.
Its one thing when an applet sits on the panel and shows statistics on
the panel about the systems load, and those things. I can understand
that, since those actually do things with the panel, and there for is
what i have known to be applets. (that is, programs doing things with
the panel)
But sticky notes looks absolutely strictly 100% like an ordinary

If i knew that i had sticky notes installed on my computer but was to go
and look for it, there must be some logical way to know when i am to
look for something to add to an applet, or when i am to just add a
program launcher.

One more thing, i had this crazy idé that moving the "right click on the
panel" menu to a submenu  in the gnome menu found in the panel would be
better (or some other better place). Since there is not just one little
checkbox in there, i think it is bad to have all those things under a
rock. The central menu on the panel seems better. 

Having it so that right clicking on the panel launches the UI for
changing things on the panel found in the menu could make those who like
it as it is happy, maybe..

Well, sorry for spamming you. 

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Kent Nyberg.
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