Gcalctool copyright notices (was: GPager in gnome-utils).

Hi all,

>> I was thinking of looking at something like gcalctool (thinking of
>> improving my (fairly bad) hacking skills): although there's the GPL in a
>> COPYING file, the top of each source code file looks like this:
>> /*  $Header: /cvs/gnome/gcalctool/gcalctool/calctool.c,v 1.15 2002/12/24
>> 19:48:46 richb Exp $
>>  *
>>  *  Copyright (c) 1987-2002, Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All Rights
>> Reserved.
>>  *  Sun considers its source code as an unpublished, proprietary
>>  *  trade secret, and it is available only under strict license
>>  *  provisions.  This copyright notice is placed here only to protect
>>  *  Sun in the event the source is deemed a published work. 
>> Dissassembly,
>>  *  decompilation, or other means of reducing the object code to human
>>  *  readable form is prohibited by the license agreement under which
>>  *  this code is provided to the user or company in possession of this
>>  *  copy.
> Ooops, I'm pretty sure that is completely unintentional ;) cc'ing Rich
> for clarification ;)

That was the copyright message the Sun lawyers wanted in the source files
when they allowed me to release the Sun OpenWindows DeskSet calculator
(calctool) as open source. gcalctool is derived from that. gcalctool is
released under a GPL license.

After discussing it with Andrew, I'll adjust to the appropriate copyright
notices in each file as well.

Note also the gcalctool is undergoing some major revamping to try to
address some of the concerns mentioned on this list last year. I'm
working on the code right now, and will do a big putback in 2-3 days.
Anybody interested in helping out with various things related to this
please contact me.

I'd also like to work with the GNOME HCI folks and the PowersThatBe(TM) to
make sure all their concerns are addressed by this revised version.


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