intltool 0.25 is available

A new release of the intltool package is available; this time codenamed
"IT bør ikke dræbe sprog, men holde dem i live". The intltool package is
a set of tools for translating the contents of data files using the
gettext translation framework.

As always we suggest everyone to upgrade.

Some of the changes in intltool since version 0.25 (and the not
announced 0.24):

   - support latest version of from glib-gettextize
     from glib >= 2.1.5 (Frederic Crozat)
   - strip the hints from in -M mode. (Yanko Kaneti)
   - Don't generate .h.h lines in the
     for xgettext when the input file line is from a known type and 
     also has the [type: gettext/..] hint. (Yanko Kaneti)
   - Fix xml-i18n-tools part to work with new gettext 4 (Yanko Kaneti)
   - Fixed #96169  (Kenneth, Laurent Vivier and Morten Welinder)
   - Added a new -> .theme rule (Jonathan Blandford, 
     Glynn Foster)

Thanks to everyone helping out with this release!

You can find the source code for intltool 0.25 on GNOME FTP site:


If not available now, it should be shortly after the mirrors sync.

If you have problems with intltool, please report bugs at And if you are good at auto*, perl then please take
a look at the bugs in bugzilla.

    -- Kenneth

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