Fifth toe - state of affairs

( please keep starlon lyrical net attached to this thread, he's not on
the list yet )

So, now that I'm back from holiday and Bastien and I can coordinate
better, here's the current state of affairs and some initial thoughts
and plans for the Gnome Fifth Toe releases.

Currently we are building a database of gnome applications that have
requested to be part of the fifth toe release. There aren't many right
now unfortunately, primarily I believe because of lack of Fifth Toe's
exposure and the relative newness of the GNOME 2 development platform. 

A couple of things have been planned to help with this, Scott Sibley
<starlon lyrical net> has kindly donated his time and worked up a
website for Fifth toe. It's pretty cool if I do say so myself. As it
gets closer to polished and I get Bastien's input on it, we'll show it
to ya guys. The core functionality of the site allows for people to
recommend / request applications to be added to fifth toe, with all
kinds of relevant information.  Now, I realize that this type of
functionality exists with the software map. However, we needed some way
of keeping the data for what is where in fifth toe, and this just
happens to be the easiest for me.

Bi-monthly mailing:
Starting with this mail and going forward it will be attempted to mail a
status report of activity within Fifth Toe to the desktop-devel list.
New additions, random thoughts, requests for gifts, all the usual will
go in it. 

The release!:
Much in the same manner as Jeff's Geektoy's release, Fifth Toe will be
released following the 2.2 desktop release. Prereleases will be
available as always of the applications within Fifth toe. An email will
go out to all the current registered application maintainers with a
request for relevant release information shortly. 

In general:
I didn't get a chance to tell everyone this, but I hope you all have a
happy Holiday ( if you celebrated any ) and best wishes for this coming
year of GNOMEish wonderfulness


Will LaShell

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