Re: Major feature that is missing in gnome


On Thu, 2003-01-09 at 01:01, Eugene O'Connor wrote:
> Before this discussion began, I understood that there were two meanings of
> "desktop" in use:
> 1. GNOME desktop: The sum of all parts of GNOME, the complete environment. For
> example, "The GNOME desktop is an easy to use windows-based environment for
> users."
> 2. desktop: The Nautilus definition - background + icons. For example, "Use
> Nautilus to draw the desktop", "Use your home folder as the desktop".
> Now we have a third meaning:
> 3. desktop: background + icons + panels. For example, the "Show Desktop" button.

	Just to through a 4th definition on to the fire ...

	The tooltip for the screenshot button is

	"Take a screenshot of your desktop"

	So I suppose "desktop" can also mean "any goddamn thing currently
visible on your screen". Cool ... this is fun :-)

Good Luck,

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