Structure in $HOME

(I post this also on kde-devel)


I posted a mail to (titled "Structure in $HOME") with
a wish that KDE and Gnome would agree on a common directory structure
for preferences and data in $HOME. You find it on this link, together
with my arguments.

I understand that this is a big change, but I also think it would be
very valuable. I also hope that if Gnome and KDE agreed on something,
other applications would follow (if the spec was good enough).

Note that I do not suggest that KDE and Gnome would have to share
actual preferences and data (even if that would be good), only that
there should be separation between different kinds of data, in
the same manner as there is a separation between /etc and /var and so on.
This would give several benefits that I have described above.

Even if this looks as large task, in the longer term, like two major
versions away, it might be possible? It would be nice to hear
opinions on this.

Thanks, Claes

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