Re: Structure in $HOME

> > My claim is mostly that "intermediate" Macintosh users are able to
> > accomplish much more than "intermediate" Windows users in a number of
> > domains because of a filesystem structure choice. Certainely there are a
> > great many users, even on Macintosh, who don't understand the idea of
> > folders, where things are stored, etc. As far as they know the File Open
> > dialogue is a simple list of all the available files on the system. But
> > they probably aren't going to be considering copying files to a new
> > computer (or installing fonts) anyway. However, if they were, I think
> > the filesystem way would be easier to learn.
> Is this OS X, or 9?

OS 9 mostly. I haven't spent much time observing OS X users yet, and OS
X also gives up a lot more of the filesystem's simplicity than is
desirable (though its still pretty good).

> I agree with most of the points in here; of course we are stuck with
> /proc, /dev, /lib (for non-programmers) and other evil top-level
> directories as far as user friendliness goes.

<evil laughter> For now.


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