Re: Desktop Customization

> On Thu, 2003-01-16 at 22:20, Pat Costello wrote:
> > At the risk of being an utter pub bore, here is another example of how 
> > understand the term "desktop" to have a global sense. I doubt very much if 
> > Alberto is wanting to know how to further customize the thing behind the 

Mark asks: 

> 	I'm curious ... are you frustrated that definition is wrong or that
> people have the wrong understanding of the term? i.e. do you think the
> definition should be changed or that we should all wise up and start
> using the word as it is currently is defined ?
> Cheers,
> Mark.

I do not think the current definition is wrong. The way we have "desktop" 
defined is consistent with the definition in the GNOME home page. Admittedly, 
there is a large body of opinion that firmly believes the alternative, more 
limited definition of desktop. Neither view is right or wrong. But the duality 
of usage means that there is inconsistency in documentation, and worse, 
uncertainty in the legitimacy of the use of "desktop" in the UI. 

If everyone accepts the current definition then the term "desktop" can be used 
more widely and more effectively in the UI. 


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