Re: adding dead space to floating panels

Hi Eugene,

On Sat, 2003-01-18 at 04:12, Eugene O'Connor wrote:
> But how will a panel look with hide buttons AND handles at both ends? 

	"...that floating panels without buttons should have a grab handle on
each end."

	i.e. you either have buttons *or* grab handles.

> Would it be possible to modify the hide buttons so that you can switch
> off the hide behaviour, but retain the display of the button (and use
> the button as a handle). Perhaps the arrow buttons could denote that the
> hide behviour is on?

	We're effectively talking about the same thing - except what you're
talking about is a grab handle that looks like a button and I'm talking
about a grab handle that looks like a grab handle :-)

Good Luck,

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