Re: fontilicious

Calum Benson <calum benson sun com> writes:

> But were these fonts designed specifically for on-screen use, like
> Microsoft Verdana/Trebuchet/Georgia?  Or is this what the 'adjustment
> for technical issues' mentioned in the press release is for?  (I only
> ask because in the screenshot, the 8 point fonts don't really look all
> that clear, in comparison...)

It looks like the screenshot was taken on a laptop with subpixel
positioning enabled. If you look at it on a CRT, it looks a bit
blurred, especially the small sizes.

It looks to me like the fonts have high quality hints, and that if you
turn off antialiasing for small sizes, you'll get bitmaps that are
every bit as good as (and in fact very similar to) Verdana's.


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