GStreamer branching

Hello people,

GStreamer has now branched to two main trees for both gstreamer and 
gst-plugins in our CVS.

HEAD will be a development branch, focussing on feature additions and
testing the larger bugfixes.  Version has been updated to,
which indicates it's a CVS development tree on the unstable 0.7.x branch.

It would be great if the GStreamer hackers could hold off doing major 
changes or feature implementations even on the devel branch.  We probably 
should educate ourselves a little on how to merge patches both ways and so 
on (I know I do, for one), and it would be great if we could also focus 
our attention on doing bug fixes for the stable 0.6 branch.

Now, as for the information you need :

* the branch is called BRANCH-GSTREAMER-0_6

* jhbuild (the gnome CVS builder) has been updated to check out this 
  branch.  If you use jhbuild, now might be a good time to cvs update
  jhbuild itself so you will check out the proper branch from now on.
  After updating jhbuild, you can do
    jhbuild buildone -a gstreamer
    jhbuild buildone -a gst-plugins

* If you currently have HEAD checked out, you can update either module
  to this stable branch by doing
    cvs update -r BRANCH-GSTREAMER-0_6
  in the root of the module

* If you don't have HEAD, or you want a separate checkout and keep
  HEAD around, you can check out a fresh copy.
  I usually do something like this:
    mkdir -p gst/0.6
    cd gst/0.6
    cvs -d:ext:thomasvs cvs gstreamer sf net:/cvsroot/gstreamer co
        -r BRANCH-GSTREAMER-0_6 gstreamer
    cvs -d:ext:thomasvs cvs gstreamer sf net:/cvsroot/gstreamer co
        -r BRANCH-GSTREAMER-0_6 gst-plugins

    (change the -d option to suit yours)

* commits to this branch should fix actual bugs.  Features that ought to
  be there but are missing can be considered bugs as well.
  (ie, stuff like "metadata doesn't work properly", "events not handled
   right", and so on.)

* please try to minimise commits.  Ie, if you think a patch needs some 
  work, work on it in HEAD, then when you have everything right, commit
  it to the release branch in one commit.  Makes it easier to track bug 

Thanks for your attention,


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