Re: GNOME 2.2 Translation Statistics and Rankings

On 2003-01-23(Thu) 17:36:48 -0800, Gregory Leblanc wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-01-23 at 16:55, Christian Rose wrote:
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> > So let's summarize. We have two new languages this week, Mongolian (mn)
> > and Bengali (bn). Bengali enters the list at 54th place (Unsupported),
> > but Mongolian makes the impossible possible and enters the list at a
> > whopping 15th place (Supported). Sanlig Badral, Ochirbat Batzaya,
> > Tegshbayar, Bayarsaihan and the other guys in the Mongolian team have
> > certainly made an impressive start by jumping right in in the top crowd
> > with over 95% translated messages! The Mongolian team started their work
> > on GNOME translations less than a month ago, and in that short period of
> > time they've managed to translate no less than 11455 messages.
> > Incredible!
> Wow!  Awesome work all around!  I'm very psyched, even if I do only
> speak English!  Anybody mind if I submit something on this for the GNOME
> Weekly summary?
> 	Greg

This is certainly excellent achievement, which sounds like a worthy item
in weekly summary. I guess others wouldn't object to it :)

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