Re: Gnome-Media 2.2.0 "No War On Iraq" released

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> > > > > Headline: Gnome-Media 2.2.0 "No War On Iraq" Released.
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> > > > Yes, the release codenames in the past have been cute.  This,
> > > > is going WAY out of bounds.  This is an announcement about a piece
> > > > software, not a mailing list of people who share your
> > > > viewpoint.  Please do not use this list as a political soapbox, as
> > > > is not the target of this list and you will likely generate
> > > > flamewars.
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> > > I'm happy for people who contribute time and effort to reward
> > > in any way that doesn't hurt or offend anyone.
> >
> > ...and this obviously offended me.
> why if I may ask? I don't see why you would be offended by somebody
> asking for peace.

Yes, well pointed. It's hilariously tragic, but to some ideologically
aligned, peace is somehow ... an offence. How peculiar. It's exactly the
representation of how this current Administration behaves (I am in Europe,
and for the amazing anti-Americanism around, people are not against the
American people per se, but only against it's dictatorial regime that lost
the election and still reigns warmongering - But, never against Americans
themselves), this "with me or against me" neanderthal 'intelligence', that
at exactly the bottom line ends up in this:

-Peace offends them.

Just for this gemstone alone, surely that code name was worth it. I Just
hope people realise this nature of things before it's too late and we're
watching a whole new slew of unpleasent Vietnam movies, this time on the
desert; because the people to which peace is offensive have, un- or
democratically rose to power once more. They, obviously, never suffer the
consequences of war, and escape the draft, but are plenty happy to send
other's sons and daughters to certain death. Such are the ways of the
"offended by peace."

Whe push came to shove, on that dreaded day, he simply fled on his fancy
plane, bound to stratosphere, while his people was left to die, adandoned by
their "leader", in the streets, where the smoke billowed and buildings
collapsed. How brave he is, indeed...

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