Re: en_GB translations (was Re: GNOME 2.2 Translation Statistics and Rankings)

fre 2003-01-31 klockan 11.33 skrev Bastien Nocera:
> > 
> >     $ msgen --help
> >     Usage: msgen [OPTION] INPUTFILE
> >     
> >     Creates an English translation catalog.  The input file is the last
> >     created English PO file, or a PO Template file (generally created by
> >     xgettext).  Untranslated entries are assigned a translation that is
> >     identical to the msgid, and are marked fuzzy.
> > 
> > This way, the en_GB translator doesn't need to manually copy the
> > contents of the individual msgids into the msgstrs all the time when he
> > or she translates or verifies the translation of messages; only
> > un-fuzzying the messages is required to indicate they have been
> > verified. And when the msgstrs are un-fuzzied and non-empty it's clear
> > that they have been verified by an en_GB translator. Unfortunately,
> > currenly that just isn't the case for 98.52% of the en_GB messages.
> I fixed the en_GB translation script in gnome-i18n to do that. It just
> copies the msgid when it doesn't need translating.

Excellent! It does mark them fuzzy too at the same time, I presume?


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