Re: My take on Totem and GStreamer

> * If gst-register has not been run totem crashes - would be nice if it
> handled that better

I will look into that.

> * If colorspace is not installed then it gives an error that
> "gst-player" requires colorspace.

Indeed colorspace is needed. I m not sure we can do without, i ll ask.

> * I couldn't find a video file that gst-totem woudln't open (some ones I
> had before that didn't work, work now). So I opened a text file for the
> laugh. It went into a endless loop. I had to drop to a console to kill
> it.

It should make an error i ll take a look :)

> * I get no sound at all - could just be my setup though

depends on the audiosink that you use in your gconf setup (/system/gstreamer/default/) if you run esound it should be esdsink. but normally if osssink is set and /dev/dsp is not available you should get an error.. i ll try that.

Thanks for that feedback report :)

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