Re: [Usability] Re: Killing Views Part 2 - The return of the Usab ilty study

<quote who="Murray Cumming Comneon com">

> > The other way always pops up new windows for each item, placing them
> > semingly randomly on screen having you micro-managing their position and
> > size, etc. That could also be seen as irritating and unexpected.
> Showing them always in the same separate "Preview Window" would solve this
> problem. (This is Jeff's preview application idea). Of course, it could
> give other problems, and I can't think of any previous example of this.

Not really. You wouldn't show different documents in a single visible
Preview window.

Personally, I think Alex is rationalising the current, sub-optimal UI by
trying to find silly reasons why changing things would be bad. If opening
different kinds of things in different windows was bad, we wouldn't have
WIMP at all.

Nautilus is a sub-optimal user interface for non-file-management related
tasks, and there's not a lot that menu and toolbar merging can do about it.
Or, put even more strongly: If a Nautilus window contains something that
doesn't provide the complete functionality of the icon (or tree) view, we
are doing something wrong.

- Jeff

-- 2004: Adelaide, Australia
   "In the pre-Internet age, I was like an Internet kid, with a 3D search
             engine, trying to find weird stuff." - John Safran

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