Re: [Usability] Re: Killing Views Part 2 - The return of the Usab ilty study

<quote who="Murray Cumming Comneon com">

> > Not really. You wouldn't show different documents in a single visible
> > Preview window.
> But "Open in New window" could apply here too. At the moment, if you always
> open your file view in the same window, then you always already open your
> views in the same window.

If I understand what you're saying (which is very hard), I think you're
mixing the status quo and the optimum to come out with a heinous bastard
child of the two.

> We should recognise that no OS/Desktop seems to have got this right yet,
> apart from maybe MacOS which doesn't seem to have any quick-preview thing.

Mac OS X has "Preview", which is exactly what I've described previously.
When you double click a recognised file that has no "special" application
associated with it, it opens in Preview.

There's no such thing as "Open in existing Preview window".

- Jeff

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   it as good as the Macintosh.  To try to be like Windows is to try for
                      second-best." - Richard Stallman

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