RE: 2.4: System Tools - Please try them

El mar, 03-06-2003 a las 15:46, Murray Cumming Comneon com escribió:
> > runlevel 0 ----> stopping the computer
> > runlevel 2 ----> graphical mode
> > runlevel 3 ----> text mode
> > runlevel 6 ----> rebooting the computer
> RedHat's services control panel does just fine with
> - start
> - stop

well, that should have been the first question... is the "do nothing"
status a thing to remove in runlevel-admin/services-admin?

hehe, if the answer is "yes", then it's funny, when I first wrote the
runlevel tool, I was requested to add it and to change the whole UI, now
I could be asked to revert almost all changes to their beginning :-P

anyways, a lot of thanks for all your feedback, hope to get with it a
better runlevel/services tool :-)


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