[announce] new on GIMPnet, #commits


As inspired by the new #commits channel on FreeNode, I decided to set up
a similar thing for GIMPnet. The result is #commits, a channel with
real-time commits straight from the central GNOME CVS server!

The channel is moderated, only the bot outputting the cvs commits has
voice. Please use the other fine channels on GIMPnet for chatting.

If you want to see commit messages from more projects than just gnome,
join #commits on irc.freenode.net.

Thanks go to Micah Dowty (scanline) and Mike Hearn (TD) for the ideas,
the code and their initial setup at FreeNode. The only thing I did was
tweaking some things a bit to make it work with my shell account and
GIMPnet (ok, and I improved the output a bit :). Thanks again!

Come join the channel for your daily dose of cvs commit messages. Of
course suggestions for improving this service are welcome.

Have fun,


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