Re: Proposal for a new default Gnome GUI

>Secondly, I don't like the Z effect on the menu.

Not everyone does. This could have been a nice candidate to globally set it
on/off from the menu pref panel. But as Havoc said, it is indeed a pain to
develop this, especially because it has to be flicker-free (a flickered
version is really ugly, I wouldn't like to use it either! ;)

> By the way, I find Ximian's widget theme (the one I saw on XD2
> screenshots) very nice. What's its name ? Is it available in stock GNOME
> ? What problems do you (Eugenia) have with this one ?

I started doing the original mockup of my Ximian suggestion primarily just
to align a few widgets around, not to really change its widget looks. But
after I did the first version I believe that having a small differentiation
in the color of the buttons is a helpful thing. Also the tabs are not
looking that great in Ximian's version. A lot of small things that make the
action-widgets (the ones that are clickable) standout more from the lot. I
generally like this direction.. Helps in accessibility even us who don't
need accessibility.. :)


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