Re: Better default background

I know I'll sound quite "retro"... but what about black ? I think black
is the ideal color for a defaukt as it is elegant, universal and white
fonts are better read on it. Maybe the best would be black in the
background and a light grey transparent picture on it (like
lightrays-tranpsarent.png from redhat 9).

PS: no, I'm not one of those gothic people...

Le ven 06/06/2003 à 15:09, Mark Finlay a écrit :
> As part of my general crucade to make gnome look better by
> default I'd like to change the default background from
> blacky purple to an easier on the eyes blue.
> Current default:
> Better default:
> Even Better Default:
> First impressions are extremely important, which is why this is
> something I want to get right. The last time I brought this up
> durning 2.1.x the libgnome maintainer refused my patch, so if
> you agree with me please reply to this...
> ps. I'm not saying that the two examples above are perfect, so If
> you can think of a better color to use please tell me.
> Thanks

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