Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

> I would like to ask the Nautilus team to add at least 2 scripts by default
> for Gnome 2.4. Speaking about me personally, I would say that the one script
> that I can't live with is the "Open Terminal Here" which opens a terminal to
> the currently opened nautilus directory....

Much better to do it this way:

> Other cool stuff to consider: automatic tar.gzip of the file/dir(s) selected
> in the file manager or in the desktop, 

File roller's context menu plugins do this already..

> a graphical Grep (programmers will
> like this), 

I'd say that programmers are more likely to want to grep at a console

> a File Type MIME utility/editor for the file selected, the Run
> utility 

These two should all be part of the Open with... dialog - it sucks but
lets fix it now work around it.

> and of course the 'Change Background Image' addon (also should not be in the
> root menu, it is not something that it should create clutter there, as
> people don't change their bg images all day. Let's just not be KDE please in
> this matter. ;-)).

Agreed but don't forget that we have mime-specific menu plugins. And we
should probably add this to eog.

> Other addon ideas include "Send to Email", Send to Fax, Send to bla-blah,
> ToUpper (uppercase the filenames), ToLower, Dos2Unix (changing the carriage
> return of a text file), Unix2Dos, Mac2Unix and of course "Touch" (which
> calls the "touch" unix command :) 

Maybe we need a New-> and/or Send to-> item in the context menu.

> and the list go on... I am not saying that
> all of them should be there by default but a good selection should be to
> enhance Nautilus and utilize stuff easier.
> Additionally, I would advocate that I don't like much applications adding
> their own context menu entries in the root Nautilus menu as File-Roller did
> recently. I mean, I hate my Windows and KDE menus when they have a whole
> bunch of options added there by third party apps without asking me first...
> And it is bad enough that there is no way I can take them out easily or
> without having the knowledge of how to go about it. Please note that I am
> *not* against menu option additions. I just believe they should go under the
> "addon" submenu on Nautilus (previously "Scripts" in my mind) and play nice
> with the addon framework. I like clean stuff. ;-)

I think that scripts is a useful feature, but IMHO shipping scripts by
default with gnome would encourage us to work around problems with
nautilus/gnome instead of fixing them..

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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