Bdale coming to GU4DEC! Sunday 15th June @ 2pm

Bdale Garbee, previous Debian project leader, will join us in Dublin!
Bdale will talk to us about "Understanding Debian" on Sunday 15th June
at 2pm in the network room. Come listen to Bdale, and then buy him a
beer afterwards! Unfortunately Bdale can't attend the rest of the
conference, but would love to meet up with some GNOME hackers during the
pre-conference weekend.

Bdale is the previous Debian Project Leader, and currently works at HP
helping to make sure Linux will work well on future HP systems. His
background includes many years of both UNIX internals and embedded
systems work. He helped jump-start ports of Debian GNU/Linux to 5
architectures other than i386.
When Bdale isn't busy trying to keep his basement compute farm full of
oddball systems running various flavors of Unix working, his other big
hobby is amateur radio, specifically building amateur satellites.

See you in a weeks time!

- GU4DEC Planning

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