Re: Consensus on a new background

Il sab, 2003-06-07 alle 10:47, Mark Finlay ha scritto:
> Are we all happy to change the default background to #677587 solid
> with no background image? I have a patch waiting to go, just need
> to check with anders.
> Please, no "i like hot pink" replies. I'm not asking is this your 
> favorite color, only if you think it is a bareable color to have
> as the gnome default.
> See:
> Ps. I'm going to see if I can find some nice subtle translucnet art
> to use as a default background image, but for the moment the color
> change is the most important thing.

I just created some traslucent wallpapers w/o the foot logo, check them
out here , feel free to use them if you

Just, my 2 (euro) cents :-)

Lapo Calamandrei <l_calamandrei neri-group com>
Neri S.p.A

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