Re: Regarding Nautilus scripts

>But I think that this functionality pretty much already exists.  You
>drop the .server file in a special directory (/lib/bonobo/servers
>usually), and Bonobo registers the component. It doesn't matter where
>you put the .so file, because the .server file tells Bonobo where the
>.so file is.  So how is this more difficult than MacOS or BeOS?

You have to  deal with 2 files instead of one. The .server file is
completely reduntant from the user's point of view. You might think "the
user won't mess with those", but this is untrue. From the moment an
applet/extension/addon thingie takes off (with the trick of installing 4-5
of them by default), users will fall in love with the functionality. It will
be a matter of time before Freshmeat has its own category for this kind of
apps. Like Tracker  addons have on BeBits. It is part of the game. And
because these little apps are so user-oriented, you need to make their
installation/uninstallation as easy as possible.
You need to allow non-root users to install their own addons too, locally.
This /lib/bonobo/servers/ is only accessible to admins, is there a way to
install these servers as a user?? This is a must have! With the single .so
file, you just pop it either on your /opt/gnome/bin/nautilus/addons/ or on
your /home/eugenia/.gnome2/whatever/ or on your ~/.nautilus-addons/ (you
decide) and it should just work. Extension applets are... commodity items,
even if you don't believe this because it is a new thing for Nautilus.

>It seems to me that your only real complaint is the cluttering up of the
>top level Nautilus menu.  This could be easily alleviated by creating a
>submenu (Extensions or whatever), and have components' menus be placed
>in there (like your mock-up).

I would very much love this, yes.

>As an aside, in about an hours worth of work, I created a Bonobo
>component to do the Open Terminal Here... functionality.  I've gotten
>all the code written, just finishing up the compiling and installing.

Where is this placed? I hope not in the top level menu, and if yes, I hope
someone can take the time and create this "extension applets" dir and put
these kinds of plugins in there.

Now, you did one, great... Do the rest 20 as in the mockup and I will cook
20 lemon pies for you. :-)  :-)
(the first time I cooked a lemon pie for a programmer, was when I asked for
a closed source driver update for an OS I was running. He updated the
driver, I cooked the lemon pie, we delivered it the next day (he was living
close) ;-)


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