Re: [Setup-tool-hackers] RE: 2.4: System Tools - Please try them

El dom, 08-06-2003 a las 00:50, Andrew Sobala escribió:
> It's worth looking at the Ximian control center.
> Although blatantly straight from Largish Hardware And Operating System
> Corporation, imho it solves the usability problems of a) the old
> 1.4/deprecated 2.x shell and b) the 2.x menus. It presents all the
> capplets in categories, so they're easy to find, but at the same time so
> they don't hide. So maybe we should think about using this as a 2.6
> thing; I don't know what the usability team think.

I agree, having such control center seems sensible enough. IMHO the
g-c-c shell was much more cleaner when dealing with several categories
than the menus, and the GST doesn't really fit in any of the categories
in the gnome menu :-(, so I think that it could be a great solution :-P

> In this model, I would expect g-s-t (and apps requiring root access) to
> be in the window, maybe under a disclosure widget that hides them unless
> they're requested. But I don't know much about usability.

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