Re: GNOME Nirvana; How to reach it and what to do once we get there. (Addendum)


Everything Iain has said is excellent.

A fantastic platform is being created.

Rather than officially "release" the apps for the platform,
we should be trying to create a more "fluid" environment where we
support and promote the apps that make best use of the Gnome platform.

Having a software rating system promotes that.

There is also the "vibe" factor. Hard to formally pin down, but 
basically we need to promote and support the best Gnome apps via
word of mouth, big web site reviews on,
infrastructure support (eg: use our bugzilla, bug sqaud, i8n teams)...

I think these strategies are much more fruitful and adaptable than
the formalised (very controlled) release team process. You need that
for the libraries (to keep api's sane and stable etc) but you need
to be a bit more creative and free with the promotion of the  best
gnome apps.


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