Re: GNOME Nirvana; How to reach it and what to do once we get there.

	I do like Iain's idea. I've been generally uncomfortable with the whole
module picking process because even though we've made great attempts to
make it a very structured process, it still feels rather arbitrary.

	As Murray has pointing out, though. You need a co-ordinated release and
development process for the apps that we're really serious about. And
currently the way we do that is by labelling these particular apps as
part of the "Desktop".

	I think a combination of Iain's idea and what we're doing currently
might work very well. We have a core desktop product which consists of
the modules Iain mentioned and everything else goes into the rated
software map thing. But to get your 5th foot you have to go through the
same kind of review process as GEP 10/11 and commit to following GNOME's
release schedule and process. Getting your 5th foot also implies that
your module now has the full weight of the release team, i18n people,
ally people, documentors, bugsquad etc. behind it.

Good Luck,

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