RE: GNOME Nirvana; How to reach it and what to do once we get the re. (Addendum)

> It's important not to confuse 1. coordinated development with 2. integration
> of applications. I think the first is necessary to produce quality in
> general, but I think the second is dangerous if not limited.

Yeah, and I guess that can be a lot of opinions on which apps should be

Personally I think that internet/network and multimedia related apps
should be included. But then again I'd rather see Gnome as a full
desktop system than just a building block for other people to make
desktop systems out of.

Hmm, I'm thinking as I type here: but one way I see to satisfy both 1.
and 2. about is to have two packages released simultaneously:
gnome-core, containing just the basics, and gnome-desktop containing
both gnome-core and all the apps that the integrated-environment
enthusiasts want to include....

Mark Finlay <sisob eircom net>

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