Re: [Usability] New way of accessing software (WAS: Re: Big Panel menus (32x32))

On 13 Jun 2003, Daniel Borgmann wrote:

> Date: 13 Jun 2003 15:17:07 +0200
> From: Daniel Borgmann <spark-mailinglists web de>
> To: Eugenia Loli-Queru <eloli hotmail com>
> Cc: desktop-devel-list gnome org, usability gnome org
> Subject: Re: [Usability] New way of accessing software (WAS: Re: Big
>     Panel menus (32x32))
> Some good ideas there! (Aside of the ranting ;))
> A few points:
> Have you noticed how similar your configuration mockup is to what Ximian
> did in XD2 with the "System" menu? They obviously liked some of those
> ideas. ;) I'm very happy with Ximian in this regard. They don't have a
> "This Computer..." item but a "My Computer" on the desktop. They also

I pray that Gnome wont make a habit of putting "My" in front of everthing,
having g/gnu/gnome/k/qt etc is bad enough already.

> I think that instead of creating a new application for your proposed
> applications/files view, this is something that Nautilus could very well
> handle. Maybe a new view for applications with some more information. I

I recally that at some point using vFolders (?) the menus were going to be
veiwable and editable as if each entry was a file.

> "All Applications" which would then open this new window. This should be
> very efficient and also much easier to realize I assume.

So if I understanding correctly this would then make it quite easy to have
a folder called listing 'All Applications' in the one place (hopefully
ending up with something reasonably pleasant like the Applications Folder
on the Macintosh).

> File management will probably become more metadata like soon. I'm not
> sure how far Medusa goes into this direction but it might be a good way

I tried looking up Medusa but I didn't see anthing that seemed revelevant
could you please clarify?  actually this one looks like it might be what
you are referring to, is it?

An indexed filesearch software
is software that allows you to quickly search your system for particular
types of files, using an index.

> On Fri, 2003-06-13 at 01:53, Eugenia Loli-Queru wrote:
Link to Eugenias mail that started this thread:



Alan Horkan

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