RE: Patch to make ggv not show the scroll outline by default

On Wed, 2003-06-11 at 05:04, 15175039 users siol net wrote:

> > [I'm re-sending this mail, this time to d-d-l.  I sent it on Friday to
> > Jaka and usability-list, but got no reply.]
> hey, what's the hurry - I have other people and other code to tend to - a delay 
> of a few days for such a minor issue is certainly acceptable ;)

Eek, sorry about that :)   It was getting close to GUADEC and I got
impatient.  There's certainly no rush, although I think it would be nice
to get this default changed for 2.4.

> I have been asked repeatedly for this feature since some PostScript previewers 
> have it. I even find it useful on some occasions. and therefore it stays 
> there.
> anyway, the major problem with this outlining has been the noticeable delay 
> when starting to move the document with outlining turned on: this has been a 
> bug that I fixed recently - I have not commited the code yet, since I am still 
> looking for a lost reference of an UIContainer instance that I've introduced 
> with some of the changes.

I don't think the outlining is useful at all when dragging with the
mouse --- you are sliding the page smoothly and so your eyes always know
what the reference point is.

The outline is more useful when using the page up and page down keys, as
in that case it is easy to lose track of where you were reading.  Still,
I think that something like Internet Explorer's smooth scrolling would
be a better thing to do in that case.


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